Merit Billing

Comprehensive, integrated and automated billing

Merit Billing provides a comprehensive, integrated and automated billing management system with flexible setup of partner contracts, billing entities and billing items. It communicates via web services and customizable batch interfaces with external accounting and ERP systems.

Parametrical and flexible billing

Merit Billing provides the ability to create contracts with all types of partners. Each contract can be configured to support multiple different types of services, with individual pricing per type of service. Moreover, it supports parametrical definitions of billing items categories and specific billing items under each category.

Merit Billing supports reconciliation and settlement with all partners of the loyalty program. It supports automated invoicing for points issued and redeemed and offers unlimited flexibility to create and customize other types of billings such as marketing and campaign services, annual fees, participation fees, etc.

Integration with external accounting and ERP systems

Merit Billing supports flexible interfaces with external accounting and ERP systems, with predefined schedule or on demand exports.

Comprehensive tracking and reporting

When it comes to reporting, all billing reports are generated automatically in multiple formats, ready for distribution to external partners. The detailed requirements and the implementation of settlement logistics can be customized per implementation.

Merit Billing is provided as a separately licensed add-on module to Merit Loyalty Suite®.