Merit Money

MERIT MONEY a digital money transfer platform

Filling the gaps of a thriving business

Money transfer is a thriving enterprise and will continue to advance as long as there is a need for fast and safe international money transfer.

MERIT MONEY™ is the missing platform bridging Western Union and the Master Agent, empowering the Master Agent with real-time credit controls to manage agent transactions in an efficient, flexible, reliable and secure way.

Merit Money supports the overall administration of the relationship between the Master Agent and its Agents, maintaining credit limit profiles and all related information that supports a flexible, rule-based logic for real-time credit control and money management that can be changed and optimized by end users.

Merit Money is a user-friendly integrated platform which helps Master Agents to reduce administrative overheads related to Agent account management, commissions and billing.

Summary of features

Management of incoming and outgoing money transfer

Money management

Comprehensive agent management, including credit limits, functional calendars, commission profiles and suspension policies

Real-time credit scoring with flexible user-defined rules

Automated workflows

Flexible billing with user-defined billing categories and items

Multi-country and multi-currency support

Flexible commission structure based on hierarchical commission profiles and sophisticated revenue recognition logic

Highly flexible role-based security administration

User limits as an additional layer of security

Extensive facilities to import/export data

ERP integration and automated bank reconciliation

Agent self-service web portal

Real time credit scoring

The credit scoring engine is at the heart of the credit control process, automating the evaluation of agent requests for permanent or temporary credit limit increase, based on user-driven business rules. Merit Money instantly evaluates an Agent’s credit score and automates the decision to grant a credit increase request or, in exceptional cases, submit it for multi-level workflow approval. Agent scoring is transparent and visible to the agent through the Explain Score report, a fully automated detailed explanation of all calculations that led to the approve/reject decision.

Suspension profiles

Suspension profiles are used to implement a time-based mechanism for suspending Agents not consistent with their payment obligations. Agents are classified by a suspension profile based on their history and financial status. The suspension profile mechanism supports automatic reinstatement of Agents who fulfil their obligations to the Master Agent.

Agent self-service web portal

The secure Agent Portal supports Agents in monitoring their profiles and accounts, making inquiries and submitting credit limit and other service requests to the Master Agent.

The Agent Portal includes the self-billing module, which issues Agent invoices on behalf of the Agent, thus saving time for all parties involved.


Detailed account statements are produced automatically and made available on the Agent Portal, thus avoiding the need for distribution and Agent support overheads.

Revenue Recognition

Merit provides complete breakdown of foreign exchange and fee income per transaction, per agent and per period.


Agent commissions are managed through commission profiles, along with rebates and charges, hierarchically set per line of business, transaction type and destination country.

Manual transactions

In addition to WU money transfer transactions, Merit Money provides support for entering all necessary manual transactions that make up the entire business of the Agent with the Master Agent, such as deposits, replenishments, rebates, charges, and any type of user-driven billing transactions. Where applicable, bulk manual transactions – such as deposits - are processed through automated interfaces with external organizations.


Workflows automate specific processes that require business-level authorization, such as the following:

  • Transaction change requests (country change, name change, agent redirect)
  • Transaction cancellations
  • Credit limit change requests
  • Deposits exceeding the deposit limit
  • Agent profile changes
  • Agent inquiries / requests / complaints.

Bank Reconciliation

Merit Money provides detailed reports and other facilities which assist in smooth bank reconciliation exercises.

ERP Integration

Merit Money provides full integration with any popular ERP system, to ensure that all financial reporting obligations of Master Agent are properly and easily transferrable to Accounting packages.


As an integrated module, Merit Money capitalizes on the award-winning loyalty functions of the Merit Loyalty & CRM Suite, to support highly flexible implementations of customer loyalty programs, to nurture and augment the Master Agent’s customer base.