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Project Management

Axiom’s Project Management services complete our commitment in delivering end-to-end industry solutions, by providing this critical element of any successful large-scale project.

Managing complexity

Loyalty projects require the involvement of multiple company departments, from Marketing and IT, to Operations and Finance along with the involvement of external technology and fulfillment vendors. External partners join the program from the beginning, or during its lifetime, getting involved in campaigns, operations and logistics. With so many parties and different technologies involved, a project’s complexity increases and can even grow out of proportion as loyalty programs expand internationally and come face-to-face with the hurdles of localization and multiple diverse cultures.

Backed by years of experience and a remarkable track record of successful implementations of multi-million member programs, we offer complete, industry-specific project management skills, starting from the development of detailed and realistic project plans (as a result of the Loyalty Implementation Workshop℠), supervising the project through it’s different stages and finishing with the delivery of the promised milestones.

Axiom is particularly equipped to understand and manage all business and technical issues of a loyalty project implementation, based more on experience rather than on generic theoretical PM practices. We are also uniquely positioned to manage partner and external vendor expectations stemming from their cooperation with the organization. By engaging in all business and technical meetings, we contribute our feedback at an early enough stage to prevent potential conflicts.

Axiom’s comprehensive project management approach includes an extensive proprietary reporting system that renders valuable management reports to all levels of the organization engaged in delivering services or managing resources.

Some of the successful and significantly complex large scale loyalty and other types of projects that we managed through to completion include:

  • Large scale loyalty schemes for banking and retail institution
  • Complex customer consolidation and data migration projects
  • Implementation of enterprise logistics applications for insurance and retail
  • Multi-national project implementations in the maritime industry
  • Large scale projects in the construction industry.

For more information on our project management approach and proprietary reporting system, please email our service department.