Merit Loyalty Suite

End-to-End Loyalty Management Process

Merit Loyalty Suite is a collection of sophisticated tools and methodologies cooperating in an integrated and, at the same time, modular architecture, for developing effective and profitable customer loyalty programs.

Merit Foundation

Provides the loyalty program operational base, ensuring reliable, scalable and low cost operations, coupled by flexibility, versatility and exceptional speed-to-market.

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Merit Intelligence

Introduces intelligence into the organization’s loyalty management practices through sophisticated customer segmentation, differentiation and targeting, supported by critical measurements of loyalty economics.

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Merit Communications

Delivers the capability for customized, direct and meaningful electronic communications in the hands of loyalty managers.

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Merit Campaigns

Brings online/real-time dynamic campaigns and rewards at all channels and all points of customer interaction.

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Merit eChannels

Are a testimony to Merit’s comprehensive integration strategy: facilitating seamless interaction and interfacing at any and all points where customer information is generated or manipulated.

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Merit eChannels App, Customer Portal and Partner Portal

Ready-made customizable applications providing all self-service facilities to customers and partners.

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Merit Fraud Management

Offers the tools needed to organize and automate efforts to detect, discourage and prevent fraudulent activity, protecting revenues and reputation.

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Merit Complaints

Provides an integrated approach to complaint management, helping organizations improve their quality performance, customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

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Merit Billing

Provides a comprehensive, integrated and automated billing management system with flexible setup of partner contracts, billing entities and billing items.

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