Merit Intelligence

Sophisticated segmentation and analytics for the end user

Merit Intelligence allows organizations to introduce intelligence into their loyalty management practices through sophisticated customer segmentation, differentiation and targeting supported by critical measurements of loyalty economics.

Automation of Marketing Activities

Merit Intelligence facilitates and automates the following relationship marketing functions:

  • Identifying and differentiating customers by their demographic characteristics, purchasing behavior and shopping preferences
  • Creating customer behavior segments
  • Defining actions to be performed on customer segments (e.g. customer communication actions, mass bonus awards, etc.)
  • Recording customer behavior history
  • Identifying shifts in customer behavior and transitions between segments
  • Measuring loyalty economics, including promotion effectiveness, retention, attrition and acquisition rates, relative segment contribution and other standard or customized measurements.


Sharing the knowledge!

Several types of customer segmentation criteria can be used, measuring from simple demographics to complex behavioral profiles. Main segmentation categories include the following:

  • Item and department preference
  • Merchant, store and location preference
  • Card types, transaction types and preferred channels
  • Visit frequency and level of spending
  • Customer and relationship demographics
  • Combinations of the above.

Information Persistence

Merit Intelligence introduces persistence, an architectural feature driven by the acknowledgment of Axiom’s Business Intelligence strategy: To measure and then to act upon the findings. Information Persistence guarantees that the results of your analysis (such as special customer segments, key measurements and any metrics of the company's performance) are preserved to support the company's campaigns in a seamlessly integrated fashion.

The Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard provides an easy to use facility for creating graphical summaries of the company’s performance. Gathering results from segmentation and analysis processes, a user can create pages of graphics that provide a quick overview of business performance, making it easy for busy executives to quickly identify potential problem areas and take immediate action. All graphics used are interactive, enabling drill-down analysis and direct links to operational processes (manage members, create promotions, send emails, etc).

Further adding to its considerable potential, the inherent integration of Merit Intelligence with Merit Foundation, Merit Communications and Merit Campaigns allows for the effortless application of customer knowledge in a smooth and cost effective operational cycle.